Gold and silver buying

Gold and silver buying

We buy your old damaged – scrap gold, gold watches, gold coins, gold bars, gold tooths, every objects that is made of gold. We buy gold and pay you in cash on the spot, without waiting for an old and broken gold worth up to € 1.000,00. For higher amounts, the payment will be made on your personal bank account.
Visit us and find out by yourself! We guarantee you the best pricing, always updated with the current market fluctuations. We weight your gold which you intend monetise, check the price per gram, pay you in cash and issue confirmation of the transaction.

We guarantee always the best prices according to the market!

Gold buying prices

8kt – 333‰ = 16,60 EUR
14kt – 585‰ = 29,10 EUR
18kt – 750‰ = 37,00 EUR
20kt – 833‰ = 41,40 EUR
21kt – 900‰ = 45,00 EUR

Silver buying prices

800/000 = 0,20 EUR
925/000 = 0,25 EUR
999/000 = 0,30 EUR

Gold buying by mail

Odkup zlata po pošti

  • Print and fill out the form (Click here)
  • Send your gold items in the asset-backed letter.
  • Within three days after receiving your items you will receive a deposit in your bank account.

Count, describe and weigh your golden items and seal them in a plastic bag in upholstered letter (delivered at the post office) to the address below, along with the completed and signed form.

Edisontrade d.o.o.
Ankaranska cesta 7b
6000 Koper

We offer you even more for greater quantities!!!

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